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What Does It Mean to be an HOA Board Member?

Being an HOA Board Member is a volunteer position, but the duties of an HOA Board Member are not optional. This can be a serious point of confusion for members of a residential community as well as for Board Members themselves.

In the State of Nevada, the responsibilities of HOA Board Members are defined by law in NRS Chapter 116 and within NAC 116. States often step in to define the boundaries of the HOA Board Member role and required duties.

If you’re new to community living, you may find it surprising to know that HOA Board membership and activities are defined in this way. After all, you think of your community as a home, not a legislative group. But these laws can protect you in various ways, by shielding you from conflicts of interest, for example.

It’s good to know that there are rules that guide how HOA Boards and Board Members must act. A Board Member’s responsibilities can vary depending on the role in which he or she serves. While not all HOA Boards designate roles to various Board Members, in those that do, a Treasurer is going to have a different function than, say, a Secretary.

Community members sometimes confuse the role of the HOA Board with that of a community management company. Community management companies serve as the agent of a Homeowner’s Association. The Board provides direction to the Community Association Manager on how to implement actions that have been authorized by the Board.

Generally speaking, the HOA’s Board enforces the Association’s Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). Community members should consider attending open Board meetings so that they can be informed about the status of activities taking place within their community.

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