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Decorating for the Holidays with Neighbors in Mind

Decorating for the December holidays is one of the many joys of the season. Every year there seems to be a new fad in decorating, some more outrageous than others. Often, the more ostentatious the décor, the more attention it gets, leading to intense decorating competitions among neighbors.

But there’s a downside to attention-grabbing décor. Perhaps you’ve seen a local dwelling featured on the news for its eye-catching, computer-controlled light show. Imagine living next door or across the street from such a display—you’d be faced with increased street traffic and noise from on-lookers and insomnia from flashing lights in your bedroom window.

That’s why it’s important to consider the impact that holiday decorations may have on neighbors. You’d want your nearest neighbors to have the same consideration for you. If you live in a community, your HOA may already have rules about holiday decorating that help ensure nuisance décor doesn’t negatively impact anyone’s holidays.

Check with your HOA to see what rules or guidelines are in place regarding holiday decorating. Then it’s time to get creative in finding ways to decorate that match HOA rules and work for both you and your neighbors. One way to get ideas is simply by talking with your neighbors and seeing how they light up the season in their homes.

Neighbors may be able to give you good tips on tree placement or help you discover a new decorating style. By communicating with your neighbors, you also set the stage for a friendlier holiday. Instead of competing over who  put up the largest blow-up snowman, you can share your decorations on a more intimate scale, through conversations or invitations to view the newest addition to your decorations.

The holiday season is about many things, but one of its most gratifying aspects is the way it awakens a spirit of community in people. This can be expressed through acts of generosity or in a good old-fashioned spirit of neighborliness. By decorating your home with neighbors needs in mind, you’re adding to the holiday spirit in your community.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 January 2016 00:22