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7 Ways HOAs Can Save Money and Increase Participation

An HOA with an effective website can decrease costs and enhance participation. Ready to find out the 7 ways you can use an HOA website to help your homeowners association?

1. Community feedback is easily enhanced with either email links or topic postings in the discussion forums.

2. Document storage and the ability to create extra pages is a feature the HOA can utilize to post information (and photos) regarding architectural compliance, safety issues, social groups, common areas, community events, ongoing projects, safety concerns, official documents, and anything else you believe to be relevant to the community. This can be accomplished by either uploading a PDF and/or using the website's document creating tools.

3. A significant cost savings for the HOA would be the ability to publish, distribute, and continuously update its newsletter - at no cost! The newsletter can be created and continuously updated by either uploading a PDF and/or using the website's document creation tools.

4. An online calendar would enable the HOA to post dates, times and information about meetings, events, birthdays, road closings, etc. The calendar can be open for anyone in the HOA to post information, or can be restricted to selected editors.

5. A discussion forum would enable everyone in the HOA to voice their ideas and opinions about issues related to their community - whenever it is convenient for them! It is a place where the entire community can dialogue, share ideas, and build relationships.

6. The addition of a map on the website, with HOA borders clearly delineated, can help new members and prospective HOA members locate the HOA within the context of the surrounding area.

7. And lastly, the ability to post links to other sites would enable other community-related groups with websites to become easily accessible to HOA members. Groups such as local schools, the PTA, Mom's Clubs, Boy and Girl Scouts, etc.

All of these website features help to build a homeowner association that becomes easier to manage and more informed because everyone can access information when they need it, and participate when they have time. Terra West Management Services provides free websites to HOAs. To find out more, talk to your Terra West Community Manager or give us a call.

Last Updated on Monday, 22 June 2015 22:22