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Enhance Community and Save Money with an HOA Website

Community is at the heart of a smooth-running homeowner association. If good communication and active participation are the two biggest challenges to managing and building a strong homeowners association, then an effective website might be the solution. For homeowner associations, a good website can decrease costs, increase communication, and enhance participation.

How can a website do all these things? An effective website for a homeowner association would include basic features such as: document storage for new and archival information, management/board contact information and/or a more extensive member directory, an online newsletter, an online calendar, a discussion forum, a map, and the ability to post links to other sites. Enhanced features might include the creation of private or password protected areas, the ability to create surveys, classified ads, and the ability to sell advertising on the site.

Ready to see what an HOA website can do for you and your association? Great! Terra West Management Services provides free websites to HOAs. If you are one of many communities managed by Terra West, your HOA's free website is fully programmed and designed. Besides being free, they are also easy to personalize, simple to use, and ready to go!

For more information, talk to your Terra West Community Manager or give us a call.