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How to Deal with Loud Neighbors

Certain types of noise—like a deep, thumping party music that rattles your windows, or a dog barking past midnight—can bring out an immediate angry reaction. You want it to stop, and you want it to stop now!

But marching over to your neighbor’s place while you’re in a huff can work against you. No one communicates well when they’re angry, and if you can’t communicate what you want, you aren’t likely to get what you want.

Other tempting ways of dealing with loud neighbors, such as retaliation or getting others involved, may seem like satisfying solutions, but can ultimately be ineffective. These approaches can escalate the issue instead of resolve it.

Take some time to cool off before you talk to your neighbor. Write down as a simple statement what noises are bothering you and why. Writing will often reduce your anger level. It will also give you something specific to focus on.

Now that you know exactly what noise is bothering you and why, consider if there’s some middle ground between you and your neighbor. For example, if you’re upset because a baby is crying at night, you may want to acknowledge that while it’s annoying, it’s natural for babies to cry sometimes.

Or, if the neighbor’s dogs become loud on Saturday afternoons when you take your nap, you may realize that dogs are sometimes noisy and that they’re not deliberately trying to disturb your naptime. Maybe you could even change your nap time to resolve the issue, or move to another bedroom away from the noise.

It’s important to understand that your neighbor may not realize that you’re being bothered by their loudness. Think about what actions you’d like your neighbor to take to reduce the noise, then be polite when you approach them. 

Remember, your neighbor may be with you a long time, so try to find some common ground when you approach them. You might say something like, “You must be excited to have a new baby. But I’ll bet he’s keeping you up at night. You may not know it, but he’s keeping me up, too.”

Starting the conversation constructively can help you communicate your concerns to your neighbor in a way that can help you solve the problem together. It’s the smart way to a quieter and more peaceful relationship with your neighbor.

Last Updated on Saturday, 15 August 2015 20:53