Community Association Escrow Documents - Utah
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Get your documents, not the runaround.

Terra West makes it easy to get your resale and lender payoff information. For the quickest, most efficient services just go to our document partner, Registering and logging in is easy. Payment can be made instantly with your MasterCard or Visa.

Here’s a look at commonly requested documents and their associated fees:

Seller's Packet – $180 The document includes account information and copies of all available association documents, including the required “letter of litigation.”

Statement of Demand – $50 Also called the “demand letter,” this report shows all association account-related balances and account set up fees to be collected at closing, along with closing instructions.

Lender Questionnaire – $98 - $198 Used by mortgage companies when underwriting a loan, this report provides information about the association and includes copies of the association documents. Please note that we do not complete forms provided by lenders.

Updated Documents – $75 If you have placed an order within the 60 days, we can provide updated disclosure information at a reduced cost.

All orders are processed within 5 business days. If you would like expedited service, we can complete your order in 3 business days for an additional Rush Fee of $100 for a Statement of Demand or $125 for a Seller's Packet.

Please note that we cannot refund your fees if an order has been processed by our escrow department. Be sure to review your order carefully before placing it.

By placing your order, you are verifying that you are the seller or seller’s authorized agent who is authorized to order and retrieve any personal information on the seller’s behalf – whether for resale disclosure or any other purpose.



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